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Our Mission

Leading people to Christ

Loving people through Christ

Learning from God's word about Christ

Looking for the return of Christ



 At Grace Advent Christian Church, we are Christians looking for the second return of Jesus Christ.  We are closer than anyone has ever been to that promise right now!  Wow!  What if Jesus was to come today?  We need to be ready and watching for Jesus, and we want you to be ready, too.  We take God's Word, the Bible, and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit learn how to give our lives to Jesus and receive His abundant life and eternal life.  God has given us two main commandments: Love the Lord with all our heart and love our neighbor as ourselves, the ten combined into two.  It is our desire to have Jesus and His word live in us so that we glorify God and truly love our neighbors.  We love Jesus so that we can love our families, our community, and our nation.  Our goal is to Lead people to Christ, Love people in Christ, Learn from God's Word about Christ and relate Christ's example through our church family as we Look for His return.  Come experience the Love of Jesus through our Church family.  It is so important that we become families of God so we can be loving families for each other.  We try to provide ministries and opportunities to develop everyone's walk with Christ!

Pastor Wayne


Service Times



Livestream now has a free app for Android in the play store.  This should make watching the services easier. Click the link below for more information.

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*Sunday School 9:45am

*Morning Worship 11:00 am



Bible Studies for all ages 7:00pm

Choir Practice 8:00pm

Praise Team Practice 9:00pm





Adult Bible Study 10:00am


*We have a bus ministry if you need transportation to our Sunday School and Morning Worship.  Call the church office to request this service.






Upcoming Events

  • Homecoming followed by Revival starting September 28th
  • Movie night coming again in the fall